An Ikigai Framework

This is a westernized framework, based on a Japanese concept called Ikagai ‘the reason you get up every morning’ The idea is that each of us has one true purpose or calling that we must search for.

We hear this all the time in North America, the idea that if you figure out your passion and make that your career you will be fullfilled and a clear path will present itself.

While I personally don’t think that everyone has one true calling and/or the freedom to pursue it, I do think that there is useful thinking to be done by thinking about this framework.

What’s interesting to me is what happens at the intersections, and as you move closer to the centre. Where are you spending your time right now? Where do you want to be spending time? Is there something you could be doing that interesects all four circles, your ‘ikigai? If not, what 2 or 3 circles do you want to include?

If you were to intentionally move one step towards the middle, what skills do you have to support you? What might you need to learn?

George Box, a statistician in the 70’s said “All models are wrong, but some of them are useful”. The act of thinking intentionally about where you are and where you want to be.

Let me know what you find interesting, or useful about this model.

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