Being Human @ Work

What tools can you develop to help you be more authentic at work?


Michelle de Clair

Michelle is the Director of Client Services & New Business Development at SOS Design Inc.

J’net AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth

J’net is currently at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in the role of Indigenous Outreach & Learning Coordinator.

Andreas Souvaliotis

Andreas Souvaliotis is a globally recognized social innovator. He created the world’s first wellness rewards platform, the hugely popular Carrot app.

There is a lot of talk about bringing your authentic self to work. What does that really look like? What are the barriers? What are the success stories?

Join us December 5, 2019 for a powerful conversation about being human @ work. 4 panelists will be discussing their successes, challenges, and how to foster a work culture that allows people to be wholly human at work.