How Are You in Service to Your Employees?

When I was in my late 20’s, I had a boss who would insist that I bring a notebook and two pens to each meeting with him. During a meeting he would say “Now, with your red pen, please write…” and “with your black pen write …”. Guess how long I lasted at that organization? Four months. In that time, I somehow ended up becoming the voice for the rest of the employees and expressed our dissatisfaction with being micromanaged and lack of autonomy. We parted ways shortly after that, as I couldn’t thrive in that type of environment.

At that time ‘employee engagement’ wasn’t the buzz word it is now, but it mattered. I wanted to be respected at work, I wanted to be given the autonomy to manage my job the way that made sense to me. The only option for me at that company was to leave.

But it’s part of the story of how I ended up here as a professional coach passionate about customer service and employee engagement.

Are you a good boss? Are your employees engaged? Does your organization prioritize employee engagement?

Did you answer ‘Yes?’ Congratulations! According to the latest Gallup Poll (2017), you are part of the 15% of companies that have engaged employees. That’s some rarified club!

The reality of employee engagement according to Gallup is that 15% are engaged. 85% are disengaged and of that disengaged number 16% are actively disengaged and looking for an exit.

Being a great boss and being a company that hires and creates great bosses, isn’t complicated but it’s important. Important to your employees and important to your bottom line. What is the cost to your organization of high turnover?

A great boss is in service to their employees, they meet their employees where they are with consistent, personalized leadership.

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