How we work

We develop and support compassionate, emotionally intelligent leaders. We equip them with the self-awareness, tools, and strategies to create the future of work. Our leaders have better business results, more engaged and empowered teams, and stellar client services.

Individual Coaching

Individualized coaching gives you the opportunity to gain insights, create actionable goals and create a clear direction and plan for you, your company, your employees and your clients. The truth is, as you move up the corporate ladder, you are challenged less. At People Lab, we challenge your assumptions, reframe limiting beliefs and support you in becoming the best leader you can be.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching helps your team function at a higher level. We work with your team together and in individual sessions to understand each team member’s individual motivations and behaviors, and then work holistically to align those around collaboratively achieving goals. The outcome is a team built on mutual understanding with stronger constituent relationships, and one that achieves more.

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Workshops are similar to team coaching, but are focused on a specific goal. People Lab works with you to craft workshops for your particular need at the moment. Here are some example workshops we’ve done in the past:

Build a Better Culture: Develop the framework for creating psychological safety at work so your employees can thrive.

Powerful Communication: Building the skills to have difficult conversations, give feedback and listen deeply with compassion, curiosity and candour.

Customer Experience Toolkit In general, organizations tell their frontline staff that the key to not burning out in customer facing roles is to not take it personally. At People Lab we use a coaching framework to show your employees how to not take it personally. Give them the tools to handle difficult situations, be resourceful and engage your customers and clients.

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The quality of a plan relates directly to the quality of the process used to create it. People Lab works with you and your team to ensure you remain focused and engaged while meeting to develop strategic plans or set goals. We help you have a better meeting.

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Pro-bono Coaching

During the COVID-19 pandemic, People Lab is offering pro-bono coaching for small business owners. If you are a small business owner and could use an opportunity to zoom out and see the big picture for your company or zoom in and work through a specific problem, we can help.

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All coaching, facilitation, and workshops are offered either online or on-site, although there may be an additional fee for travel outside the Toronto area.