Kindness, Compassion, and the Bottom Line.

My business for the last 20 years has been to build a case for treating customers as humans. Recognizing them as individuals. Fighting back against the idea of outsourcing customer service to reduce overhead and increase the bottom line.

Now, I’m taking that same passion and focusing it at the company, it’s employees, and it’s stakeholders. What becomes possible if your employees are engaged and excited about their work. What if every day you and your team start out motivated by the big picture and by your workplace culture. What opens up for your organization?

In my private professional coaching practice, I support people to understand what motivates them, what they truly want, what’s in the way of getting it and how to navigate around it. I’m still routinely surprised by how many of my clients, peers, and network say that the biggest roadblock to fulfillment at work is their boss. That they are not treated with kindness, compassion and/or respect in the workplace.

I invite you to reflect on the best boss you’ve ever had. What do you remember about them? When I ask this question in my workshops, the answers I get are almost entirely about the soft skills. “I felt supported,” “I had autonomy,” “They respected me,” “They challenged me.” It’s pretty rare that someone will say “They always met the quarterly goals.”

I work with whole organizations to solve challenges like:

  • employee retention and maintaining institutional knowledge,
  • How do I get my hourly employees to stay six months longer,
  • improve morale, increase employee engagement,
  • support new managers to become better bosses,
  • Support existing managers and leaders to understand the power of compassion and authenticity in the workplace.

If you are curious about the work I do, or my company People Lab. Please reach out.