Powerful Communication

How leading with compassion, curiosity and candour can radically change a workplace.


Xania Khan

Director of Content at Appnovation

Alyssa Huggins

Vice President, Brand & Integrated Marketing at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Anthony Morgan

Founder of Science Everywhere


One of panel guests, Nathan Kolar summed up the overall content of the Panel as this:

SPACE – respond, don’t react. This is done by creating space between you and your emotions to help see the perspective of others, and understand the where and why behind their what. It isn’t about you knowing you are right, but rather asking yourself HOW you know you are right – this allows you to get clear on what you are trying to achieve and then act accordingly (winning an argument vs. finding the true answer).

EMOTIONS – it’s okay to sit with your emotions and reflect. When deciding or acting, it is best to wait for a clear head/mind. This is different from disregarding your emotions – just mean here to not make decisions or act when adrenaline is skyrocketing.

VALUES – in times of struggle or hardship, an authentic recommendation is to go back to your values, in order move forward with integrity. Unlike many things, a moving forward from a decision or time period can be based on your values which actually IS within your circle of control.

Xania Khan, Director of Content at Appnovation

I’m excited that Xania has joined us as a panelist on March 5th as we explore Powerful Communication. Our paths first crossed at Carrot Rewards a few years ago, and I have a deep admiration of her work, her passion, and her motorcycle stories. Her voice on our panel will no doubt be insightful, compassionate and inspiring.

I asked Xania how Powerful Communication has benefitted her in her leadership role. ”Honestly, it’s a daily benefit like meditation. The more we communicate with intent, the more effective it becomes. Powerful communication isn’t a tool that you switch on/off. It’s used daily as a way to connect with our loved ones, co-workers and wider audiences – in person and on our social channels. One of our most underutilized communication tools is active listening – it allows us to effectively respond.”

Anthony Morgan, Creative Producer / Founder Science Everywhere

Anthony and I hadn’t met before I was introduced to him by a mutual connection for the purpose of this panel. His response to my ask was enthusiastic and when we met in person, he expressed that the language I used was right up his alley. Compassion, Curiousity, Candour and what becomes possible.

For Anthony, powerful communication is about being very clear about your values and then living them. Curiosity, collaboration, calm, creativity, and courage. Powerful communication is an indispensable part of running many of the organizations he is part of. It allows them get past the surface layers to more clearly understand the true stakes of conflicts at work.

Anthony Morgan is a science communicator and founder of Science is Everywhere. He develops, creates and hosts engaging live experiences & media to foster critical thinking.

Alyssa Huggins, Vice President, Brand & Integrated Marketing at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Alyssa is someone I admire enormously. We’ve been friends for many, many years, so I’m excited to talk with her in this forum. She is a powerful communicator.

To Alyssa, powerful communication means clarity, consistency and relevancy of message, whether communicating one on one with employees, or to an entire organization, to stakeholders, or customers. It also can mean communication that is motivating.

Alyssa has recently transitioned to the social profit space where she is currently the Vice President, Brand and Integrated Marketing at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The Foundation raises over $200 Million a year to fund life-saving research, education and patient care at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer centres in the world.

Come to the panel, listen to some great insights, ask some powerful questions and add your voice to the conversation: