Tip of the Iceberg

How the iceberg analogy can help explain the value of having a coach.

I’ve been hired to do some coaching with an app and came across an analogy that really resonated with me regarding coaching, and what having a professional coach can do for individuals.

Think of someone you know who is successful at something you want to excel at. I’ll use the example of a runner since I am a fledgling runner, but feel free to think of someone doing something that you are impressed with!

The Iceberg Analogy

Tip of the Iceburg: Outcomes

What do you notice about them? You might notice their accomplishments, their trappings of success.In the case of my runner – they’ve completed marathons, are really fit and have great energy.

Above the waterline: Behaviours

If you look a bit more closely, you might be able to see what they have done to accomplish these things, the commitment to a regular training program, the steady accumulation of workouts and kilometres.

Below the waterline: Mindset

What you don’t see, is what’s beneath the water. What motivates them, their values, their beliefs, emotions, and mindsets that they engage in. My runner friend has optimism, an internal locus of control and a belief that they have the ability to achieve their goal.

When you work with a professional coach, you start to dig into the ice below the water. What are the stories you tell yourself when you are faced with a challenge. Do you believe that you have the ability to change a behaviour? How do you build self-awareness so you can notice patterns, habits that support your goals and develop them and drop the behaviours and patterns that are not serving you.

I’d love to hear how this iceberg analogy resonates with you! Comment below.