Walking & Talking

I’ve been wanting to offer coaching sessions combined with walking for a while but having my child home most of the last year, didn’t really allow for it. He’s back in school, so I’m excited to offer this to my clients!

There is a proven connection between walking and clearer more creative thinking, so what I’m proposing is that if you, like me are spending more time than ever looking at people through a screen, let’s disconnect and walk for our coaching session.

You’ll be on your phone, I’ll be on mine, headphones on. We will leave our respective home offices for our session. Walk out for the first half, walk back home for the second half.

I love the idea of stacking self-care on top of self-care.

Here are some of the concerns others have expressed that I’ve addressed:

Are you worried that coaching won’t be effective if I can’t read your body language? Don’t be – my coach training was all done audio-only. I’m used to listening deeply and listening to tone, intonation, and what’s not being said. Many of my clients like it better than video, for the obvious zoom fatigue, but also it allows them to think more deeply, without paying attention to how I may or may not visually react to what they are saying.

Are you concerned that you’ll have an insight or a thought you want to capture and won’t be able to write it down? Bring along a pocket-size notebook or open up notes on your phone and we will spend the last few minutes of the call, recalling the takeways, insights and action items from the call. You are also welcome to record the call if you have the technology to do so!

What if the weather is terrible? If you know me you know I’m a lover of the outdoors and believe that if you are dressed for it, there is little weather that prevents a walk. So I’ll be up for it every time you are. You get to decide. If you want the push, let me know, but otherwise wherever you want to be for our session is fine with me.

Do I have to commit to doing every session while walking? No – It’s a great opportunity to stack some self-care and brain invigorating movement, but it’s your choice. Let me know the day of your session.

Can I walk with you in-person? While I love the idea of meeting clients for a walk and a talk, until the pandemic is over – let’s do it over the phone. I can’t wait to revisit this decision as soon as it makes sense.

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