Why coaching matters today.

Covid-19 is stopping many of us in our tracks. I’ve heard it referred to as the great pause. (I’m personally not sure how having a 6-year old at home full time while trying to work full time is a pause) but I do know that while we are overwhelmed personally and professionally, there are highlights. As a coach, I see my business staying stable and continuing to grow. This is really a moment where coaching matters. My coaching community has shown how to be in service to our clients and it’s inspiring. Below I’m sharing a list (prepared by International Coaching Federation members) of ways that coaching can help you and your organization.

  1. Many tools and techniques of professional coaching are scientifically proven to reduce stress.
  2. Coaching helps people process what is going on.
  3. Coaching helps people find their own resilience and capacity, even when they can’t change the external landscape.
  4. The small amount invested in coaching during a crisis will pay off in terms of larger gains.
  5. Giving managers and leaders coaching provides a noticeable ripple effect.
  6. This will most likely lead to permanent changes for individuals and orgs, and coaching is the best way to integrate change.
  7. Organizations need to be able to retain and develop top talent.
  8. Coaches help people get unstuck and move out of fixed patterns of mindset.
  9. People are thinking about purpose and meaning as a result of this crisis.
  10. People will use this opportunity to make major life and work changes and will need a coach to help navigate this change.

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