Testimonial - Kindness & Compassion @ Work - 2 part workshop

howard park children's centre

One of my favourite workshops this year resulted in this lovely testimonial. Such a great group of passionate educators. Thank you Heather and team!


With the high demand to keep up politically as the Child Care Field transforms into a new era , along with the ever changing of family and staff dynamics, we wanted to find a way to look at how kindness and compassion fits into our organization.

We turned to People Lab, under the guidance and leadership of Andria Gillis, our Senior team initially met to share our mission statement. Andria, was supportive and kind. She allowed us to look at our Centre in ways we haven’t done before. She helped us define how we can implement and ensure Kindness and Compassion exists within our organization.

Andria used our mission statement to create a half day workshop for our staff; the environment was relaxed, which allowed for a safe and open conversation.  Her exercises were fun and current. She helped us define areas in which we could incorporate change and provided us with great tools to assist in the ongoing process of ensuring Kindness and Compassion lives on in our organization.

We continue to implement the tools we received from Andria and have found an alternate way to provide Kindness and Compassion.  

Andria continues to support our program; she is one of the best investments our organization has committed to.

Heather Humphries

Executive Director

Howard Park Children’s Centre

Andria Gillis