People Lab partners with individuals and organizations to create change. We are committed to supporting our clients to create the life, business and fulfillment they are seeking.

As part of the launch of People Lab, we launched People Lab Panels. These panels have been a source of incredible growth, inspiration and candid conversations about the real challenges and possibilities of developing what used to be called Soft Skills, but are truly EssentialSkills in the workplace.

We focus our workshops, panels, speeches, and group coaching around the essential skill for the future of work: Emotional Intelligence.

Our private coaching focuses on partnering with you in a solution focused approach to support the realization of your professional goals.

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Andria Gillis, CPC, ACC.

Executive Coach and Founder, People Lab

Andria brings 20+ years of retail industry and small business experience to People Lab. Her passion throughout her career has been putting people first through creative, authentic leadership.

She brings that same approach to support our clients through solution focused coaching practices and programs.

She is a Facilitator Assistant at Erickson Coaching International, and an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation.



Michelle Krasny, CPC.

Michelle believes that everyone deserves to grow personally and professionally, with intention… but that most of us are unprepared to find or craft a truly fulfilling career. She brings her background in Neuroscience and Design Thinking into her one-on-one coaching work as she helps early and mid-career professionals take stock, and design value-based “experiments” that will help them identify and create their ideal future.