Working with Andria was the best investment I made in myself in the past 5 years. During my transition from upper management to Executive Director, Andria's clear headed, authentic approach provided the space and clarity I need to pursue new opportunities and align my values and career goals. 

-M.M. Executive Director


We brought in Andria from People Lab to do a full day strategic planning session with our STEAMLabs team. It was valuable for our team to connect with purpose as we navigate through significant transitions in our organisation. Andria's coaching approach to facilitation kept us on track, resourceful and resulted in some key discoveries and insights. Since then, we have expanded Andria's role to include regular executive coaching and high level planning as well as support for the growth and transition of our organization. The results are a more focused and engaged team, working together to fulfill our mission.

- Andy Forest, Executive Director, STEAMLabs







I have been lucky enough to have the privilege of enlisting the services of Andria Gillis as my business coach. Firstly, it forced me to think critically about what I wanted to discuss – challenges I feel that I am facing in the ongoing development of my business. Subsequently through our conversations I was able to reach clarity on some decisions that need to be made, taking into consideration my long-term visions and short term needs.
I feel that this process has helped me not only in my approach to my professional goals, but also my personal ones. I am very excited for more conversations with Andria. I have no doubt that it will continue to help me identify my goals more clearly, and help me to move forward in a direction congruent with my personal values.

-Kate Rita,  Business Owner The Diastasis Personal Trainer


Working with Andria was incredible. When you think you've hit a wall in terms of career or business growth, and you are not sure what the next move is, I highly recommend tapping into Andria's coaching skills to help guide you on your right path. She does an amazing job of helping you work through your wants and needs, without judgement and in a way that is so practical that it makes big and impossible problems seem much easier to overcome. At the end of working with Andria, you'll come away with a toolkit for helping you move forward that you'll carry with you for your whole life.  It was awesome!

- Amanda Fruci, Communications Manager


Andria has been a beacon of light during a very challenging time professionally and personally. Great, effective coaching involves listening, supporting and, more importantly, moving one forward productively and confidently. After three months of working with Andria every week, I have more confidence, I make better decisions for my life, I have focus and the courage of my convictions. Andria’s tools and exercises have stayed with me and when I sometimes stumble - we all do - I am able to get back up, course correct that much quicker.
Andria has ultimately helped me be happier with myself, happier in the present while realizing my goals. It’s the greatest gift.
Thanks, Andria!

R.C. Senior Advisor