People Lab Panelist: Rudy Ruttiman

2019HEADSHOT - Rudy Ruttimann.jpg

Rudy is the Executive Director of SKETCH. a community arts enterprise engaging diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live homeless or on the margins and navigate poverty.

Rudy has built her career in a variety of roles with a focus on social inclusion and the arts. She has 20+ years in not-for-profit, with the last 19 years committed to the development and growth of SKETCH. She is a life-long learner and brings a unique set of skills as someone who has lived and learned by living it and doing it.

I’ve known Rudy for over 10 of those years she’s been at SKETCH, and am truly inspired by her genuine passion and caring and all that she has accomplished.

I’m looking forward to catching up with her at our first People Lab Panel on April 4th. Reserve your spot today!

Andria Gillis