People Lab Panelist: Hassel Aviles

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Hassel has vision. I first met her in 2011 when she started Toronto Underground Market - a game changer in the Toronto food industry. My sister (a chocolatier, pastry chef and dipper of double smoked bacon in warm belgian chocolate)) was facing the challenges a lot of small food businesses have getting started - access to certified industrial kitchens and access to consumers. Hassel’s Toronto Underground Market, provided both of those, and really paved the way for so many entrepreneurs to launch their companies. Since then, I’ve been following her career, and her current visionary project Not 9 to 5, is changing the conversation around mental health in the Hospitality industry.

Hassel Aviles is co-founder of Not 9 to5, a marketing & events professional, and a mental health advocate, and a panelist on our next #peoplelabpanel I asked her a few questions about Resiliency & Adaptability, the topic of our next People Lab Panel on June 6th.

When you think about Resiliency & Adaptability, what would you tell someone who was considering working in your industry? 

Don't resist change or unplanned circumstances in your career. Growing your ability to channel your resilience and adaptability in the workplace will come hand in hand with success. Resilience and adversity are a reflection of your inner strength.

How has building Resiliency & Adaptability in your own life / career benefited you personally? 

They have helped me become a better leader and have increased my ability to operate calmly even in high-stress environments or unexpected situations.

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