People Lab Panel # 2: Resiliency & Adaptablity


How do you develop resiliency to thrive in workplaces that are ever evolving and changing? Resiliency and adaptability are two of the skills named as the must-have skills for 2020. People Lab we know that soft skills are essential powerful skills.

Join our panelists in discussion:

Hassel Aviles Co-Founder of Not 9 to 5

Andy Forest Co-Founder of SteamLabs

Julie Jarvis Founder of REALthings

Renante Rondina Mitacs Postdoctoral Fellow at Carrot Rewards

Hosted & Moderated by:

Andria Gillis, Executive Coach, Founder of People Lab

Our June 6th panel will be exploring building a culture of resiliency and adaptability in high change work places.

By creating space to explore these essential power skills in the workplace we hope to raise the bar for authentic leadership, employee engagement, and personal development.

All proceeds from this panel will be donated to SKETCH. I have been a long time fan of the work that SKETCH does to create a safe, creative space for youth experiencing marginalization.

Thank you to our community partner We Work for hosting this People Lab Panel. 


Andria Gillis