People Lab Panelist: Julie Jarvis

Julie Jarvis

I’m pleased to introduce Julie as one our People Lab Panelists for our June 6th Panel (reserve your spot here). Julie Jarvis is the founder of REALthings. She started the company when she realized that people needed support to sit straight naturally when they meditate. So many people say they can't meditate because they can't sit comfortably on the floor. This is because our bodies are bigger and less flexible in North America. When people have the right posture and cushion, they can sit straight easily and meditate deeply. So she started making bigger, better, beautiful meditation cushions for North American bodies. Real Things also provide services and resources to help people find the right cushion and posture to sit straight naturally when they meditate. As a long-time meditator, with 20 years’ experience, JulieI has helped thousands of people find the right posture and cushions for their body.

When you think about Resiliency & Adaptability, what would you tell someone who was considering working in your industry?

You need to be able to adapt and be resilient in every industry. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, because we are always responding to the unexpected. Finding exceptional mentors, guides and wellness practitioners helps build resiliency and adaptability and avoid burnout. I also find that having daily wellness practices like meditation, help nourish and support me throughout my life.

How has building Resiliency & Adaptability in your own life / career benefited you personally?

As an entrepreneur in a purpose-driven company, I have to be resilient and adaptable to build a thriving company. For me, this means taking care of myself so I can be authentic and compassionate with others. I was lucky to live and work at the Esalen Institute in the 1990s, where I started a self-awareness practice and also began meditating. I also spent many years as an artistic director, where I worked with incredible teams of artists that had to constantly adapt and find creative solutions to things as they arose in the moment. The most important thing for me is connecting authentically and joyfully with people - being alive in life - wherever and whatever I am doing.

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